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Ride For a Child




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Meet The Kids
Savannah David Anna
Savannah, age 3
David, age 3
Anna, age 9

Last November, Savannah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells that occurs primarily in children. Savannah is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments to fight the cancer. Fortunately, Savannah and her family aren’t alone as they go through this difficult time. They are supported by a Tu Nidito support specialist who works one-on-one with Savannah and her older siblings. Tu Nidito volunteers also visit Savannah while she is in the hospital to play with her and provide respite for her caregivers. “Tu Nidito has helped us understand that we’re not alone,” says Mom.

David’s dad died of cancer last spring, and he and his two big brothers began coming to grief support group at Tu Nidito shortly after their dad’s death. “David has started talking about his dad a lot,” says Mom. “I think that he is really trying to process what death means.” David is having a hard time understanding that his dad isn’t sick anymore but that he is also not coming back. In group, David gets to be around other kids his age who asking the same questions and also trying to understand death.

Two years ago, Anna’s dad died in a car accident. Shortly after his death, Anna and her brother Nolan began attending support group at Tu Nidito. Anna loves coming to group and making crafts during free time that represent the happy memories she has of her father. The support of kids her age who have also experienced the death of a loved one and the volunteer group leaders has helped Anna feel less alone. “Anna is getting through her grief, in her own way, from learning that it is OK to grieve and feel sad sometimes,” says Mom.