A Moving Poem

May 13, 2015

Tu Nidito’s Children to Children program provides the opportunity for grieving children to heal through therapeutic activities like creative writings. Our group coordinator, Lyndsey Duncan, shares why those writings can be so healing.

“It was a privilege to receive a compassionate poem that one of Tu Nidito’s CTC middles participants (ages 8-12) had written in memory of her father. She had the opportunity to share this poem with her class at school, and was very proud of her work. When her mother asked her if she cried while she was writing it, she simply responded, “No, Mom. These are happy memories.” This is why Tu Nidito’s bereavement support groups are so important. They provide children with a healthy way to express their grief, and develop coping skills to deal with their difficult losses.”

Nice to see you, Dad

Written by a Tu Nidito Middles Family Member

How’s life?

I haven’t seen you

in at least two years.

I’ve missed your smile,

your laugh, and

your occasional requests

for head-butts.

We would swim in the ocean

and play in the sand.

Sometime, please,

can we do that again?

We would ride roller coasters,

and see the whole town.

We would head up,

then go down, down, down, down.

I’ve missed that, and I’m sure you have, too,

so how ’bout tomorrow,

we’ll meet at the pool,

and do all the things

that we used to do.

Pluck oranges from trees

and watch out for bees.

C’mon, Daddy please?

It’s been really nice to see you, my friend.

Promise me, sometime, we’ll do this again.


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