Friend of the Nest – Alok

February 6, 2019

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Alok Patel, who served as a Tu Nidito volunteer from 2005-2012 while he was a medical student at the University of Arizona. Alok credits his volunteer work at Tu Nidito for changing his approach with patients and people in general. Today, Alok is a clinical instructor […]...

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Camp Opportunities in Arizona

January 22, 2019

Looking for a camp that serves children impacted by serious illness and death? There are a number of organizations throughout the state of Arizona providing weekend and overnight camps for kids, teens and families. Discover a camp that meets your child’s needs! Stepping Stones of Hope Offers a variety of bereavement camp experiences including...

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Support Tu Nidito using the Arizona Tax Credit!

November 28, 2018

Choose to invest your tax dollars in our community. Did you know that you can direct your Arizona tax dollars to the causes and organizations you care about? Tu Nidito is a qualifying charitable organization, meaning the money you would otherwise pay in taxes can benefit grieving children right here in Southern Arizona. That’s right! […]...

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A Colorful Journey: An Artistic Expression of Grief

September 20, 2018

During our September groups at Tu Nidito, we asked children and young adults to reflect on some very important questions: What is it like to have a serious illness? What is it like to be the brother or sister of someone who has a serious illness? What is it like to have a parent with […]...

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Working Through Angry Feelings with Anger Monsters!

August 22, 2018

Anger! That feeling that boils up inside you, making you feel like you are going to explode! Anger is a normal emotion to feel, especially when a loved one has a serious illness or when someone special dies. Sometimes, we show our angry feelings by yelling or being rude to others. Anger Monsters are a […]...

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Regresando a la escuela con el corazon roto

August 2, 2018

La temporada de regreso a la escuela en un momento emocionante. Puede ser tambien abrumador tener que re-establecer su rutina diaria. Para un nino que esta pasando por duelo,  esta época del año puede estar llena de emociones cuando se da cuenta de que su persona especial que murió ya no está allí para participar […]...

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Tips for Supporting a Griever

July 25, 2018

A difficult element of the grieving process is being around people who say or do things that negatively impact the emotional well-being of a grieving person, even despite best intentions. It can be difficult for friends and loved ones to find the right words to show their support. Here are some suggested ways to show […]...

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Easing Worries through Stretches

June 20, 2018

Worrying can take a physical toll on our bodies. At Tu Nidito we find that talking about our worries is helpful but we have also discovered the benefits of stretching exercises to release worries. We frequently use the Turtle and Butterfly stretches with our Tu Nidito “littles” (ages 3 1/2 – 7), but they are […]...

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Questions in a Can

May 23, 2018

  “What happens if my special person dies?” “Is my special person’s serious illness contagious?”  “Where does someone go when they die?”  “Was (name of special person) in pain when they died?” When someone special in our life is diagnosed with a serious illness, it is normal to have questions about their treatment and progn...

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Love and Hope Stones

April 25, 2018

This activity is appropriate for children and adults grieving the death of a loved one and can be completed individually or as a family. Materials Needed: Activity Questions Marker or Sharpies (or acrylic paints if you want to get creative!) Four stones (each one large enough to write one word on) Step 1: Sit down […]...

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