Twenty Ways to Support a Friend who has a Child with a Serious Illness

November 9, 2016

When someone in your life has a child diagnosed with a serious illness, their world is turned upside down. As a friend, you want to find the right things to do to help, however it is not always easy to know what they need. And saying ‘Just call if you need something,’ is not helpful, […]...

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Honoring loved ones with Dia de los Muertos

October 21, 2016

Each year on November 1st and 2nd, the memories of people who have died are celebrated in Mexico, in a national fiesta known as Dia de Los Muertos. It is believed that on this day the souls of the departed make a brief return to this world to share in a feast and to bring […]...

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Color Your Grief

September 28, 2016

This is an activity that can be done with children of all ages that are dealing with grief related to a serious illness or death.     Supplies Needed: 12” Ceramic Tile Different color sharpies Dropper Rubbing Alcohol Tile Activity: Step One: Assign each color an emotion. For example red is angry, pink is frustrating […]...

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Is this Normal?

September 15, 2016

Tu Nidito receives hundreds of referrals each year. Parents, caregivers and community members call, not only to ask questions about services, but to share what their children are going through. One of the most common questions asked is “Is this normal?” Parents want to be reassured that what their child is going through is a […]...

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Tu Nidito Talking Sticks

August 24, 2016

The talking stick is an important part of Tu Nidito. It is a tool used in our support groups to help create a safe space to share thoughts, feelings and manage group participation. It allows everyone the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences, as well as listen to everyone else, without interruption.  Whenever we […]...

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“Where’d You Get That Jersey?” Party!

August 10, 2016

Tu Nidito wants to invite all cyclists to make the most of their El Tour de Tucson experience by participating in Tu Nidito’s Ride for a Child program. Ride for a Child cyclists ride in El Tour de Tucson in honor of a Tu Nidito child whose life has been impacted by the diagnosis of […]...

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Making Noise with Gourds and Grief

July 27, 2016

This is a creative way for kids to express their grief by making noise! To make the Gourd into a Maraca: Supplies Needed: Gourd (any size) Paint Yarn Fine Sand Paper Mod Podge Paper for filling holes in gourd Dried Beans, small rocks or dried peas (for the noise maker!) Drill To Make the Gourd: […]...

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Teen Grief Challenges

July 13, 2016

Grieving the death of someone special is hard at any age. For teens, it can be especially challenging. During a time when all they want is to fit in, teens become “different.” Here are six common challenges that teens face when grieving the death of someone special. Teen Grief Challenges: Being a teen is about […]...

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June 21, 2016

St. Elizabeth’s Health Center is a faith-based community health center that supports the healthcare needs of the uninsured and underserved in Southern Arizona. We commit to provide high quality healthcare with respect and dignity by responding to individual needs and encouraging health and well-being. Behavioral health services are available to r...

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Bereavement Therapists & Counselors

June 21, 2016

Douglas, Liz, Ph.D. 469-7977 Fimberes, Martha (Spanish) 327-1817 Flannagan, Elaine 749-2075 Gell, Julee, LCSW ~ Complicated & Traumatic Loss (1st & River) 240-2715 Harada, Patti, BA (Catalina) 977-5566 Harmon, Lane, MC, LPC (Northside) 297-6228 Jones-Rosenberg, Barbara, RN, LPC, SEP 403-5611 Knight, Margaret Anne, MA, CPC, CSAC 623-7725 Mil...

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