Questions in a Can

May 23, 2018

  “What happens if my special person dies?” “Is my special person’s serious illness contagious?”  “Where does someone go when they die?”  “Was (name of special person) in pain when they died?” When someone special in our life is diagnosed with a serious illness, it is normal to have questions about their treatment and progn...

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Book Recommendations for a Grieving Child

February 12, 2018

Here at Tu Nidito, parents, teachers, and community members frequently ask us what they can do to help support a grieving child. Our staff has found that books are a great way to promote conversation and help normalize children’s feelings. Below is a list of books that Tu Nidito staff have found most conducive in […]...

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Support During End-of-Life

December 6, 2017

When dealing with serious illness, children and families experience many emotions and changes to their lives. Tu Nidito program staff is there every step of the way: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and throughout their recovery and healing process. It brings us great joy to “close” a family member out of programs because they are healthy and [...

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Working Through Worries

September 15, 2017

Worry. It’s an emotion that affects all of us – everything from day-to-day “small” worries to “bigger” life-changing events. Feeling worried is a normal part of life. When life is disrupted by serious illness or death, it can be difficult to manage the feelings that trigger us to worry. Children are more likely to worry […]...

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Is this Normal?

September 15, 2016

Tu Nidito receives hundreds of referrals each year. Parents, caregivers and community members call, not only to ask questions about services, but to share what their children are going through. One of the most common questions asked is “Is this normal?” Parents want to be reassured that what their child is going through is a […]...

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Family Memory Activities

May 11, 2016

This time of year we often celebrate family holidays. Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding season and graduations, there are several occasions that everyone comes together to celebrate life. While these occasions are joyous, they can often bring pain as someone you love might not be alive to celebrate. Instead of ignoring these times, tr...

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The Reality of Sudden Deaths

April 27, 2016

The term ‘sudden’ death often refers to death that could have been prevented such as homicide, suicide or accidental. These deaths usually carry a stigma and are often confusing and cause anger for people that are affected by them. They defy reason and leave the mourner with a multitude of questions. “Why me?” is a […]...

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Funerals – To bring a child or not

March 9, 2016

When a loved one dies in a child’s life, parents and caregivers often question whether or not kids should attend the funeral. There are many different variables that go into the equation when answering this question. There is no right or wrong answer to this question and it depends on each family’s situation when making […]...

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Activities to Help Kids Say Goodbye

November 17, 2015

Talking to children about death and dying is not an easy subject, however often necessary. The thought of sharing heartbreaking news feels like more than you can bear. Your instinct may be to shelter the child to make it less painful, but the truth is, there is no easy way to share sad news. However, […]...

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A Parent’s Death – How to Talk to Your Child

August 24, 2015

The death of a parent is something that no child should have to face. Sadly, one in 20 will experience the death of their parent before they turn 16. The death of a parent can shake the foundation of a child’s life and remove all elements of safety. During this time, it is especially important […]...

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