When a Brother or Sister is ill – Activities to help siblings process a diagnosis

October 23, 2015

When a child is diagnosed with a serious medical condition, the entire family is impacted. This impact can be especially felt by healthy siblings. Siblings are thrown into completely unforeseen life changes and likely have a limited understanding as to what exactly is happening. Siblings may begin to experience emotions that are overwhelming and di...

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Getting Started with Self Care – Five Ways to Combat Compassion Fatigue

September 30, 2015

For those that deal with grief – through any source such as a serious illness in the family, a death loss or working with families who have experienced a significant loss, Compassion Fatigue is a serious issue. Compassion Fatigue is “a state experienced by those helping people in distress; it is an extreme state of […]...

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A Parent’s Death – How to Talk to Your Child

August 24, 2015

The death of a parent is something that no child should have to face. Sadly, one in 20 will experience the death of their parent before they turn 16. The death of a parent can shake the foundation of a child’s life and remove all elements of safety. During this time, it is especially important […]...

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Talking to Your Children about Tragedy

June 18, 2015

When tragedy strikes a close-knit community such as Tucson, the effects are endless. As a community, we mourn the loss of those killed and try to understand why. One often over-looked group is the children within a community who struggle to cope when something like this occurs. Parents may have difficulty explaining what has happened […]...

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Questions In A Can

June 2, 2015

When someone in our life dies, there are often a lot of questions that come up for adults and children of all ages. Tu Nidito Support Specialist, Brigid Frasquillo, MS, shares some of the questions our bereavement support group participants ask in their group. It is normal to have what may feel like a thousand […]...

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Unpacking Our (Grief) Backpacks

May 27, 2015

The end of the school year can be very emotional for grieving children. Read why from our Program Manager, Susie Munsey, MSW. It is the end of the school year! There can be many mixed feelings about the end of the school year – excitement, pride for all that your child accomplished, feeling nervous to […]...

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Tu Nidito Health and Wellness Event

April 1, 2015

As an agency dedicated to providing emotional support to grieving children, Tu Nidito was thrilled to be able to support kid’s physical health this weekend, as we hosted our first Health and Wellness Day this past Saturday. All of Tu Nidito’s families were invited to join us for a morning of yoga and delicious smoothies. […]...

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Welcome to the Tu Nidito Buzz!

February 23, 2015

Tu Nidito is a compassionate, impact driven nonprofit agency that is always on the lookout for new ways to educate the community about our services and provide comfort, hope and support to those grieving a serious illness or death of a loved one. There is always something for us to share – so welcome to […]...

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