Celebrating Memories

May 26, 2017

The month of May and the onset of summer brings many celebrations: Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings and Father’s Day. These momentous occasions are joyous but can also bring about painful feelings as we remember the loved ones who are not alive to celebrate with us. Consider creating a comforting new ritual to honor your loved one, perhaps one that can be repeated in the years to come. Here are a few ways to honor and remember your loved one during holidays or difficult times of the year.

Memory Chain Activity

Cut out strips of paper. With your family and friends, write or draw a memory about your loved one on each strip of paper. Link the strips by looping them to one another, using tape or glue to create a chain of memories. Hang up your memory chain or keep the memory strips in a box, adding new memories and occasionally reading through them together.

Photo Album Activity

Sort through digital photos of your loved one and print them. Using your printed photos, create a photo album. With your friends and family, write captions beneath each photo describing your memories and favorite characteristics of your loved one.

Greeting Card Activity

In celebration of holidays, buy or make a greeting card for your loved one who has died. Write a special message in the greeting card that you would want to share with them.


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