For the Community

Community Impact Programming ensures that adults who work with youth are aware of how children and teens grieve and offers the skills and knowledge to best support them. Programming is provided by professional support staff and can be customized for a variety of audiences including school personnel, medical and social services providers, faith-based practitioners and community organizers.

Grief Education

Did you know 1 in 13 children in Arizona will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the age of 18? In the U.S, over 4.9 million youth are bereaved. That number more than doubles by age 25, reaching 12.7 million. Tu Nidito provides grief education to businesses, community agencies, and school personnel who work closely with children and teens. Grief Education sessions provide awareness and understanding of how children grieve and how to best support them.

Grief Intervention

Tu Nidito is available to provide on-site grief intervention and support in the event of a death or tragedy in the community. We offer group support, one-on-one support and additional resources immediately following the death. Ongoing follow-up support and intervention is available to help promote healing during the grief process. Contact Tu Nidito at 520-322-9155 to make arrangements for a grief intervention session.

Tu Nidito’s Grief Education sessions can be scheduled online or by contacting Tu Nidito at 520-322-9155.

-Thank you for your continued support. Your organization has been a blessing to our school.

-School Principal

I wanted to let you know what a saving grace you and Tu Nidito continue to be. Thank you for all that you and the organization do to support our grieving families. I will be re-sharing the resources that you provided during the training. It is SO nice to have somewhere to send parents and even staff during these seemingly impossible times.

-School Counselor

The Tu Nidito grief training provided relevant and very useful information for my role as a CASA. Understanding how children grieve and how to support a child who is grieving is so valuable in my everyday work. The opportunity to learn about and to practice “Reflective Listening” provided a tool that is absolutely necessary when interacting with abused and neglected children. Finally, the trainer herself was so knowledgeable about grief and the materials she provided were well written with clear examples. It was definitely an enriching training, with time well spent.

-Linda Koral, CASA