Easing Worries through Stretches

June 20, 2018

Worrying can take a physical toll on our bodies. At Tu Nidito we find that talking about our worries is helpful but we have also discovered the benefits of stretching exercises to release worries. We frequently use the Turtle and Butterfly stretches with our Tu Nidito “littles” (ages 3 1/2 – 7), but they are appropriate for people of all ages looking for a good stretch to release worries.

The Turtle 

  • First, stand with your feet apart and your shoulders relaxed.
  • Next, bring your bottom all the way down to your heels and sit on the floor. Your knees should be bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Now, bring your legs in close to your body and wrap your arms around them.
  • Take a deep breath and put your head down on top of your knees. You may even close your eyes as you do this.
  • Now, staying there, give yourself the biggest hug ever. Slowly count to 5.
  • You can do The Turtle as long as you need to or want to. You may stop when your body feels calm and safe.

The Butterfly

  • Sit on the ground (you may also do this standing up) and hold your arms straight out in front of your body.
  • Bring your left hand on your right shoulder.
  • Bring your right hand on your left shoulder.
  • Gently use your hands to squeeze your shoulders and take a deep breath in.
  • Blow your deep breath out and relax your hands on your shoulders. Think of it as, “breathe in and squeeze – breath out and release.” You may even close your eyes if that would make you feel calmer.
  • As you squeeze your shoulders and breathe in and out, you will start to feel calmer.

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