Family Memory Activities

May 11, 2016

This time of year we often celebrate family holidays. Between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding season and graduations, there are several occasions that everyone comes together to celebrate life. While these occasions are joyous, they can often bring pain as someone you love might not be alive to celebrate. Instead of ignoring these times, try creating new memories and doing special family activities to remember those you love.  Remember that just because someone has died in our life, doesn’t mean our love for them is gone. Below are a couple of good activities that families can do together to remember and honor someone special in their life.

Memory Tiles: On a 10×10 or 12×12 light colored tile, invite each family member to draw a picture or write about a special memory of their special person who died with sharpies. Once completed, each person can share the story of their special memory and then the tile can be hung in a special spot in your home that will keep the memories of your loved ones alive.


Memorial Candle: Decorate a tall glass candle container with a photo, drawings, stickers and words about your special person. At special times, the candle can be lit in honor of the special person who died.

April 2

These are two simple ideas to bring families together during their grief journey. If you need further support, please reach out to Tu Nidito. We are here to help.

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