Grief Strategies for the New Year

January 11, 2018

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” –Hal Borland, American Author and Journalist

For many, the New Year marks an opportunity for a fresh start, often centering on goals for the coming year. But, as the staff and families at Tu Nidito know, grief has a way of weaving its way into even the best laid plans and goals.  If you are grieving the death of a loved one, the New Year provides a good opportunity for you to be honest with yourself about the pain of your grief, while working on steps to move towards healing. Instead of setting goals, Tu Nidito Program Director, Linda Hardy offers suggestions for taking care of yourself while grieving.

Buy a calendar and actually use it! Set aside time to start planning for the year ahead:

-Make needed appointments to ensure you are taking care of yourself. “This is one of the most critical times that you will need to take care of yourself,” states Hardy. Adding that, “By making time to take care of yourself, you are able to give more to others who need you.”

-Plan ahead for days you expect to be difficult, such as holidays, anniversary dates, and birthdays, in order to alleviate stress.

-Schedule time for yourself to do the things you enjoy, whether it’s journaling, meeting a friend for lunch, going on a walk, enjoying a sunset, or taking a vacation

Make a priority to stay connected with the people you trust. Or, find a support group program like Tu Nidito. “The beauty of a support groups is that they are mutually beneficial for all participants. Through sharing you are “letting go” of big emotions while simultaneously “filling up” on all the insight and helpful information being shared,” explains Hardy.

Continue to nurture your relationship with your loved one who has died.   “Death marks the end of life, but it doesn’t end a relationship,” explains Hardy, “you can still nurture your relationship by remembering them and honoring their life and what they have brought to yours”.  Read more about ways you can remember and honor loved ones on the Tu Nidito Buzz.

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