How to Read a 990

January 30, 2015

Now more than ever, donors want to know where their money is going when they donate to charities like Tu Nidito. Using third party sites, like Guide Star, helps donors to know how far their dollars really go in helping an organization’s mission. We here at Tu Nidito are very proud of the work that we do. So when you ask, “If I give to Tu Nidito, how much of my money will go to programs that help ensure that no child grieves alone?” this is a question we are proud to answer.

This is an important question when considering giving a gift to any charity and a question that provides us the opportunity to highlight the low overhead of our work. You can find the answer simply on our 990 form. A 990 form is a legal tax document that is filed each year with the IRS. It provides information on the charity’s mission, programs, and finances.

Tu Nidito’s most recent 990 report is located on our website, in the financial section. If you click on our 2013 990, it will open the document and on page 10 you can locate the Statement of Functional Expenses. This page highlights how much money the agency spent in 2013 and where the money was applied.

The total expenses can be found at the bottom of column A, $875,575. Of this total, $27,407 was directed towards administration and $62,954 was spent on fundraising. That leaves a total of $785,214 going to program expenses – this is the total dollar amount that went towards furthering our mission of creating a community of acceptance, support and understanding regarding children in grief. . This means that 90% of every dollar that comes through our door goes directly towards our programs. This is a great percentage considering charity watchdog sites consider effective charities spending 75% or more of their budget on programs.[i]We have also been reviewed by Guide Star a major independent charity watchdog site. They have awarded us the gold seal of approval, their highest seal.Tu Nidito remains the only organization in Southern Arizona dedicated to providing emotional, social and educational child centered grief support to:

Children and families grieving the death of a loved one.

Children diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and their families.

Children who have a parent with a serious medical condition, and their families.

Young adults grieving the death of a loved one.

All of Tu Nidito’s programs are dedicated to advancing child-centered grief support in our community. We have recognized the far-reaching effects of grief and the expansive population it affects. We remain committed to educating our community on the lasting impact of unresolved childhood grief and being there to ensure that no child grieves alone.

Charitable giving to places like Tu Nidito are great ways to make a lasting impact on a cause as well as receive a tax deductible donation. To partner with us, consider giving a gift, to ensure that no child grieves alone.

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