Introducing Tu Nidito’s 2019 Remarkable Moms!

March 15, 2019

We are so proud to introduce you to our class of 2019 Remarkable Moms: Julie Wolfe Beadle, Pam Grissom, Anna McCallister-Nichols, Nancy Sweitzer, and Terri Zarling. Whether it’s overcoming their own obstacles in the face of serious illness or death or making a difference in the lives of our community’s children, these remarkable women are role models not just for her own children but for our entire community. Join us in celebrating our 2019 Remarkable Moms at the Remarkable Celebration on May 11, 2019 at 6:00pm at the Westin La Paloma. 

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Julie Wolfe Beadle

Julie Wolfe Beadle makes a profound impact on our community through her philanthropic leadership, currently serving as the Director of Major Gifts at Tucson Medical Center’s Foundation. Words like nurturer, mentor, caregiver, advocate, protector, disciplinarian, cheerleader, and friend define her as a Remarkable Mom to her daughters, Ruth and Paige, and wife and partner to her husband. Born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, she has overcome obstacles through positivity and perseverance her entire life. She was a champion in athletics – winning a Silver Medal in 1996 Paralympic Games and was twice awarded the National Disabled Athlete of the Year. She continues be a champion for her family and our community. With the help of donors, she’s co-creating programs to support cancer patients, women battling substance abuse, and seniors’ brain health. In an effort to give back to her own hospital Julie incorporated the Grace program, which helps healthcare professionals recognize and develop gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness and empathy within themselves and their patients. She’s connected her own children and family to this spirit of philanthropy through the dedication of a special room at Tu Nidito, in memory of her brother, Tom. Julie lives by the notion that giving back is not only noble, but necessary, for the good of our community, all while making time for those she loves and cherishes most: her family.  


Pam Grissom 

Pam Grissom has overcome many hurdles in her life to create a legacy of generosity, philanthropy and women’s empowerment. In addition to these accomplishments, she is a proud and dedicated mom. Early on in motherhood, while pregnant with her daughter Jessica, Pam’s son, Grant, died in an unfortunate accident. This profound grief just six weeks before Jessica’s birth gave Pam a greater appreciation for life, challenging her to embrace all the emotions that come with being a mom; from joy to suffering. Pam moved forward to create an incredible life for herself, her family, and her community. Raising her family in Tucson, Pam launched and operated Grissom Talent Agency, which provided young people from Tucson the opportunity to learn the modeling trade and excel on the national stage. She moved on to become the co-founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of Arizona List, which has helped to empower women running for office. Pam’s impact on Arizona politics has been profound and her efforts have helped changed the political landscape of the state. Of all her accomplishments, Pam feels the most pride witnessing Jessica become a beautiful and successful woman and mother. Today Pam delights in roles as both mother and grandmother while continuously striving to make our community a better place for all.


Anna McCallister-Nichols

To Anna McCallister-Nichols, being a mom means being a support, a companion, an advocate, and a safe-harbor for her children. Not fixing them, not changing them, but being a witness to their individual beauty and personal story. Anna and her husband, Kevin, met as teachers in Tucson, got married, and became the proud parents of two daughters, Jolene and Cecilia, both of whom have cystic fibrosis. In honor of Jolene and Cecilia, they founded Playformance, a successful indoor gym offering play-based curriculum that develops character and strength. Tragically, their oldest daughter, Jolene, died at the age of 10, in 2017 due to complications related to cystic fibrosis.  Anna cites this as a formative event in how she defines her mothering. Now more than ever she values time. She is learning to show up and love her grieving daughter, Cecilia. All while learning how to survive the unbearable, Anna manages to find beauty in every day, and with the support of her family and friends, continually strives to provide her surviving daughter with the care and love she needs with her own diagnosis and grief. Within the cystic fibrosis community, she is an advocate for children and families, raising money, awareness, and hope.


Nancy Sweitzer

DrNancy Sweitzer moved to Tucson five years ago to become the director of the Sarver Heart Center at the University of Arizona. Specializing in heart failure and transplant cardiology, Nancy not only works hard to minimize the suffering of those affected by heart disease through clinical research and academic learning, but by providing a kind and empathetic presence for her patients and their families. Personally, Nancy has experienced the devastating impact illness has on a family; her husband Kurt died of leukemia in 2012. Kurt’s death profoundly shaped the relationship she has with her children, Geneva and Peter. Seeing their dad in them, and knowing how hard he worked to ensure he instilled his sense of values, his humor, and his intellectual curiosity makes her incredibly proud and grateful for the time they had together as a family. Watching her children grow up to become compassionate, thoughtful young adults brings Nancy so much pride. As a family of three, Nancy and her kids have come to love the city of Tucson, finding both a sense of community and happy lives, despite disruptive change. Nancy says that of all her accomplishments, being celebrated as a Remarkable Mom is the most meaningful honor she has ever received. 


Terri Zarling

Terri Zarling is a caregiver in every sense of the word. Mom to Jessica and Traver James, and wife to Jim, her “rock”, Terri has built her legacy in Tucson that includes not only a beautiful family but growing businesses, friendships, and community partnerships. Her own daughter, Jessica’s medical challenges as an infant and as an adult have been a driving force behind her commitment to serving our community through charitable work for organizations in Tucson including Tu Nidito, Reid Park Zoological Society, Boys & Girls Club, Tucson Medical Center, Emerge, Tucson Community Food Bank and TIHAN. Whenever anyone is in need, whether a small child or an adult child, Terri’s mothering instincts kick into high gear. She is “mother” to hundreds of kids in Tucson. On any given day you can find her working with six week-old babies to elementary aged children at Casa Ninos School of Montessori, which she founded in 1992 and runs alongside her daughter, Jessica. Every day she strives to lead by example as an employer, teacher, mentor, volunteer, friend, but most importantly as an aunt, sister, grandmother, mother and wife. It’s through these relationships and community building that Terri has created support systems to ensure that no child has to face illness, medical challenges, or life circumstances alone.


Remarkable Moms photographed by Kris Hanning Photography at Tu Nidito.



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