Love and Hope Stones

April 25, 2018

This activity is appropriate for children and adults grieving the death of a loved one and can be completed individually or as a family.

Materials Needed:

  • Activity Questions
  • Marker or Sharpies (or acrylic paints if you want to get creative!)
  • Four stones (each one large enough to write one word on)

Step 1: Sit down in a quiet space and answer the activity questions.

  • Acknowledge the things you do to celebrate and honor your special person who has died.
  • Think about some of the things you wish you had told them when they were alive.
  • Share with them about some of the new and exciting things that are happening in your life.
  • As you look toward the future, think about what gives you hope.

Step 2: After you finish writing your responses to all of the questions, review what you have written and choose FOUR words that represent HOPE and LOVE. Circle these words on your paper.

Step 3: Using your sharpie or paints, write one of the words on each of your four stones. It’s entirely up to you if you would like to add any decorative details to the stones. Keep the stones somewhere you can easily see them. Or, if you wish, leave your stones for someone else to find. Whether you keep the stones or leave them for someone else, the words will encourage thoughts of love and hope.

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