Memory Beads

March 25, 2015

Tu Nidito’s Memory Beads program was created in 2011 by Amber Jacoby. Amber’s journey with Tu Nidito began in 2001 as a volunteer facilitator for the teen grief support group and as a volunteer massage therapist for the children with a serious medical condition. In following years, she turned her attention toward board service. Amber and her husband, Dave, became heavily involved with the organization. They both truly believed in the mission of Tu Nidito and the incredible services provided.

Dave died in 2010 and Amber was faced with her own loss. As she began to navigate the grief journey, she wanted to honor Dave and his generous, joyful spirit. Amber shares, “it became clear to me that I wanted to create something special with the organization that is so near and dear to us. Tu Nidito was a large part of his life and of our life together.” And so Memory Beads was born, created in loving memory of Dr. David Jacoby.

Tu Nidito’s Memory Beads program is a creative process to honor a loved one – it documents the grief journey one bead and one step at a time. Memory Beads are physical expressions of the emotions people experience and the significant events that take place without a loved one. The program celebrates the lasting memory of a special person; it is offered to anyone remembering a loved one who has died; is open to all ages and any person in any stage of grief; and is offered at no cost to the community.


Above are the three core beads that each Memory Beads necklace receives. The Finding the Light Bead is a reminder that although there are many “dark” moments while grieving, each of us has the ability to process our grief and find the light once again. The Love Never Ends Bead represents that death is the end of a life, NOT a relationship. The love we may feel for that person has no end. And the Tu Nidito Memory Bead is a symbol of this special project that honors your grief journey.

The Memory Beads program also offers Tu Nidito the opportunity to reach out to the community and reduce the stigma of grief, in ways such as:

-A dedicated room at Tu Nidito to facilitate memory beads activities. The first Friday of every month Tu Nidito will host a “First Friday” Memory Beads event. Anyone in the community that has experienced the death of someone special in their life is invited to join us to honor their memory and make a necklace that shares their grief journey.

-Expanding to serve the Southern Arizona community. Events are being attended and planned all around town at schools and community engagements.

-Establishing an educational pilot program to bring Memory Beads and grief training to Southern Arizona area schools.

-Teaming up with community partners such as the Girl Scouts to increase a grief support network to help ensure that no child grieves alone.

We would like to invite everyone to join us for a Memory Beads First Friday event. Call Tu Nidito now, 520-322-9155 to schedule your night. A special thank you to Amber for her vision and creation of such a wonderful program.

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