Pieces of Grief – Support Activity

December 6, 2016

This is an activity that can be done with children of all ages that are dealing with grief related to the death of a loved one. It is great for a group setting or can be completed one on one.


Supplies Needed:

Medium Clay Pot
Hot Glue
Sharpie Markers


Pot Activity:

Step One:
Place pot on a safe surface area. Carefully, break into pieces using hammer.


Step Two:
On the inside pieces of the pot, instruct children to write or draw the feelings that they have experienced since the death.


Step Three:
On the outside pieces of the pot, instruct children to write or draw their sources of support. Such as grief support group, friends, music or family.


Step Four:
Invite group or individual to share what they wrote on both sides of the clay pot.

Step Five:
Using hot glue gun, glue pieces of pot back together to make ‘whole’ pot again.

Step Six:
Once the pot has been put back together, discuss how this process is similar to the grief process. After a death, children may feel like they are broken, but with the help of good support systems, they can feel whole again.


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