Support During End-of-Life

December 6, 2017

When dealing with serious illness, children and families experience many emotions and changes to their lives. Tu Nidito program staff is there every step of the way: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and throughout their recovery and healing process. It brings us great joy to “close” a family member out of programs because they are healthy and no longer in need of our services.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where a family member’s death is imminent and at the request of a family, Tu Nidito program staff can help families prepare for their final goodbye. In conjunction with Tu Nidito’s support programs, our staff provides two invaluable resources that help families during this difficult time:

Preparing Your Children for Goodbye is particularly helpful for parents or caregivers in understanding grief in children and serves as a guide for end-of-life issues such as legal and financial planning, funeral arrangements, and treatment and care preferences.
Help Me Say Goodbye includes activities geared to help children work through their grief, both leading up to the death of their special person and after, and finding ways to remember and honor them.

If your children or family is in need of bereavement support or facing end-of-life circumstances, please contact Tu Nidito at (520)322-9155 for more information about our programs and services. If you are not located in the Tucson-area we will do our best to provide referral resources that will meet the needs of your family.

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