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Living Room

Here families gather at the beginning of the group. They form a circle connecting hands to center themselves. They are able to let go of the stress of the day and connect with others that are going through similar situations. During the children’s support group, parents and adult caregivers attend a concurrent support group in the living room. Here they learn how to be there for their child through this difficult time. By understanding children’s grief, adults are better prepared to help their child cope with their loss.

Art Room

Children are able to draw, write and paint. Creativity can be very healing to a grieving child. This room allows for a safe space to creatively express grief.

Imagination Room

Children can play dress up, put on a puppet show, or go wherever their imagination leads them. All of this allows them to express themselves through play. This room is made possible thanks to support from Mike & Carol Obst.

Talking Circle Room

There are three talking circle rooms for children ages 3 ½ to 12. These rooms are equipped with colorful pillows and stuffed animals, where each child takes a turn answering the talking circle question for the night and sharing their death and serious illness experiences.

Teen Lounge

This space is just for our teens, ages 13-18. Here teens have a safe space to share their emotions and express themselves in an environment that fits their age. With large comfy couches and graffiti like walls, teens can find peers that have similar stories and help them to heal. The teen lounge is made possible thanks to support from Sam Levitz Furniture.

Volcano Room

Children are able to safely erupt their anger and frustration in a padded room with punching bags and large foam noodles. Many times grieving children have BIG emotions and this room allows them to get them out.
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