Grief Support

When a Loved One Dies

For information about any of these programs, please complete the referral form or contact Tu Nidito at (520) 322-9155 or All programs are offered at no cost to the children and families that need us.

For Children and Families – Children to Children Program

We offer grief support groups for youth ages 3 ½ – 18 who are grieving the death of a loved one. Groups meet in the evening twice a month at our main location on Mountain Avenue. Each group is divided by age: Littles (3 ½ – 7), Middles (8 -12) and Teens (13-18) allowing us to provide age-appropriate support, through guided discussion and activities. Parents and adult caregivers attend a concurrent support group focused on educating them about their child’s grief and ways they can support them at home. A part of the support group is dedicated to free time, where children can process their emotions in specially designed activity rooms. In the Volcano Room, children can safely erupt their anger and any emotions they are keeping bottled up. In the Art Room, they can express their grief through many avenues such as drawing, writing and painting. In the Imagination Room, children have the opportunity to process their feelings through play by dressing up, creating a puppet show or flying to a new land in our airplane cockpit. At Tu Nidito, we believe in the power of play, so free time also includes the opportunity to play on our outdoor playground and swing set and shoot hoops on our basketball court.

Grief Education and Intervention

Tu Nidito provides community education and training opportunities to professionals and volunteers working to support those who are grieving. To learn more, visit our Grief Education and Intervention page.

For Young Adults

We offer a grief support group specifically designed for young adults ages 18-29. This group meets twice a month near the University of Arizona campus and is facilitated by a trained staff member and volunteer. This group provides young adults with a safe and supportive place where they can grieve the death of a loved one and meet others experiencing similar circumstances and issues.


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