Splash Emotions!

June 26, 2019

Looking for an activity to get your kids talking about their feelings? Tu Nidito Support Specialists recommend playing Splash Emotions, a great summer activity that encourages talking about big feelings AND offers fun water play!

Materials needed:

  • At least six different emotions, drawn/printed on paper and placed inside plastic sleeve protectors. If you don’t have these materials – no problem! Try using chalk as an alternative (see directions below!).
  • Tape
  • One small bucket, filled half-way with water.
  • A ball that soaks up water, like a splash ball. Or, if you don’t have a splash ball, try using water balloons!


  • Using tape, hang the six different emotions on an outdoor wall or surface that you don’t mind getting wet. Or, use chalk to draw and label emotions on an outdoor surface like the sidewalk, or a wall.
  • Place splash balls in half-filled bucket. Or, if you’re using water balloons as an alternative, fill at least 6 water balloons.

  • Have the child stand 5-6 feet from the emotions, with the bucket close by.
  • Have the child/teen grab a soaked ball (or water balloon) and using the emotions as their target, throw the ball at one of the emotions. Parents/Caregivers: this is a great time to prompt questions regarding the emotion that was hit, for example: “Tell me about a recent time you felt mad” or “What do you worry about?”
  • After the child has had an opportunity to express themselves, have them throw again and continue the process.

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