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Tu Nidito- No Child Grieves Alone
Little Room at Tu Nidito

Littles Room

In our Littles group for 3½-7 year olds we often use books and characters from a story to help children understand and process their feelings.

Middles Room

Children ages 8-12 spend group in our Middles Talking Circle Room. Curriculum for the evening focuses on teaching new skills for coping and gaining a better understanding of the thoughts and emotions they are experiencing as they go through this journey.


Teen Room

Teens at Tu Nidito form friendships with others who are going through something similar. They feel a sense of safety and acceptance during what can be an isolating experience for an adolescent.

Art Room

Art Room

Children can express their grief in many different ways. Sometimes a child may not have the words to say how she is feeling but those feelings can be expressed through crafting, drawing, or playing with the sand tray in the Art Room.

Volcano Room

When emotions build up and need to erupt, kids can spend time in the Volcano Room. Through physical movement and activity, kids release complex feelings like anger, stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Imagination Room

Children grieve more through behavior than words. In the Imagination Room, children can continue to process what they are feeling through imaginative play, puppetry, or dress up while knowing it is okay to be a kid and have hope for their future.

Playground and Basketball Court

Sometimes the best conversations and support can be found when dribbling a ball with a friend or swinging alongside each other.

Opening and Closing Circle

At Tu Nidito, the focus of care is on the entire family system. Through peer-to-peer interaction, guided discussion and age appropriate activities, families find comfort, hope, and support so that no child has to grieve alone.

See Tu Nidito's work with a family experiencing the impacts of their child's diagnosis.

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