Take Advantage of the Arizona State Tax Credit!

December 28, 2016

Did you know that if you file state taxes in Arizona you are eligible to take advantage of the Arizona State Tax Credit program! This means that you can direct your tax dollars to Tu Nidito and support children in our community impacted by serious illness and death.

Here’s how it works. Donate up to $800 ($400 individually) to Tu Nidito, then file your Arizona State Taxes and receive a refund or reduce the amount you owe dollar for dollar without itemizing. And here are a few more perks!

  • These amounts were just increased, so be sure to check your total year giving!
  • It is a true tax credit so the state does not require itemization.
  • The credit can be claimed in addition to public and private school tax credits.
  • It’s a great money saving opportunity to support children in our community.

Give to Tu Nidito now to ensure your tax dollars are hard at work providing a safe place for children to heal. Need more information? Check out the Arizona Department of Revenue’s charitable tax credit FAQs or consult a tax professional.

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