Volunteer FAQs

Below you’ll find answers for many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Volunteer Program.

What are Direct Care Volunteers? What are the requirements?
Direct Care Volunteers work directly with children, teens and/or caregivers impacted by serious illness or death. Direct
roles include: Support Group Facilitators, One on One and most Internships. Direct
Volunteers must be at least 16 years old (except where indicated), complete all required paperwork, participate in an
introductory interview to determine if Tu Nidito is the right fit, participate in all required training and a post-training
meeting to determine next steps, pass a background check and make a minimum commitment of 1 year.

What are In-Direct Care Volunteers? What are the requirements?
In-Direct Care Volunteers to work behind the scenes to ensure all our programs have the administrative and financial
support they need to be successful. In-Direct Volunteer roles vary widely but include: Office Volunteers, Special Events,
Board of Directors, Event or Board-level Committee work, specialized group projects, select Internships,
Court-ordered Community Service, and more.

Each In-Direct volunteer must be at least 16 years old (except where indicated), complete any required paperwork,
participate in an introductory meeting to discuss areas of interest and special expertise, attend any required training
(frequently provided “on the job”), and pass a background check (where applicable). Volunteers are assigned to a
project based on agency need, as well as the volunteer’s strengths and interests. Preference will be given to volunteers
able to make a long term or recurrent commitment.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?
Most Tu Nidito volunteer roles are available to those ages 16 and older. Select group/event volunteer
opportunities welcome those younger than 16, if a legal guardian is also present. For details on all our volunteer roles, please review our Volunteer Opportunities Page.

Is there a fee for Volunteer Training or to become a volunteer?
No. While donations are always appreciated, your gift of time is the only requirement.

Do you have volunteer opportunities on the weekends?
Tu Nidito is open Monday through Friday and does not typically offer weekend volunteer opportunities.
Occasional special group volunteer opportunities or special events may take place on the weekend.

I attended Tu Nidito as a participant. Can I volunteer?
We enthusiastically welcome returning family members (who meet all other requirements) as Volunteers after
a minimum of 6 months has passed since they were in services.

Do you need all the information you request in the Volunteer Application? I’m concerned
about sharing so much personal information.
Our Volunteer Application is required (for nearly every volunteer role). However, if you’re not comfortable
returning it via email, post or fax, and would prefer to bring it in person or if you’d prefer to connect over the
phone or in person first, that is absolutely possible. Once received, all volunteer information is kept under lock
and key and is only ever handled by staff and select, trusted (and background checked) volunteers.

I have an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card; do I still need to complete the background
check paperwork?
Yes. While we will happily be saved the expense of your background check if you provide us a copy of your
current FCC, your authorization to run an updated background check form (when needed) is required.

I used to be a Volunteer. Do I need to submit new paperwork and re-attend training?
We love welcoming back returning volunteers! The answer depends on how recently you departed, how
comfortable you feel returning and how current the information from your last round of paperwork is today.
In short: those gone briefly, who left on good terms and who feel comfortable returning to the same/similar
role, will likely not need to re-do paperwork or training. Those who have been gone more than two years,
whose information is out of date, who feel uneasy returning without renewed training, who would like to
return but to a different/additional role, and/or those who left on complicated terms, will likely need to
complete a new Application and attend a renewed training. To determine what’ll be needed for you, please
connect with our Volunteer Coordinator, katie@tunidito.org.

I’ve never done anything like this before. What kind of experience do you require?
For In-Direct volunteers, previous experience in an office setting, at special events or in a role that is similar to
the position you seek is a definite asset, but it is not explicitly required. Your responsibility and skillsets
relative to your task are what’s important. For example- if you offer to volunteer in the office, you should be
detail oriented and comfortable using a computer.
For Direct Care Volunteers, previous experience working with children, teens or families around grief, trauma,
or through group facilitation is a bonus, but it is not required. Responsibility, compassion, adaptability, a joy
for work with others, strong communication skills, and the ability to learn and implement our model, is

I’m worried I might be “too sensitive”. What happens if I cry?
Your ability to connect with your emotions is an asset. If you cry while in group with a child, for example, you
are sending the message that expressing your emotions is okay. Normalizing the expression of all emotions (in
safe ways) is a cornerstone of our model. If you occasionally become so overcome with emotion that you’re
no longer able to focus on your task, stepping away for a moment and returning when collected, is possible.
Most Direct Volunteers describe their work with our families as consistently uplifting, despite the emotional

Prospective and current Direct Volunteers are urged to be self-reflective about their own emotional wellbeing,
about their own grief, and to prioritize their own care. That said: self-care is a lifelong process. You do
not need to have perfected your own emotional health to be the right match for Tu Nidito. You need only be
able to set good boundaries, speak up if you need support and ensure that you are volunteering to support
others rather than to do your own grief work.

I haven’t experienced a death or serious illness related loss. Is that required?
Lived experience with loss is not required. However, it is the reality for many of our Volunteers and Staff. All
Volunteers are asked, regardless of their in/experience with loss, to operate from a place of empathy. This
means that a part of choosing us, is your willingness to connect to a time when you felt loss (be it death,
illness, divorce, end of a friendship, an assault, etc.) and to use this personal experience to shape your
compassion and ability to relate to our families.

Where is Tu Nidito located?
Tu Nidito is located at: 3922 N. Mountain Ave., Tucson, AZ, 85719
If you are trying to find us for the first time, here are some tips to help you find us without quirks:
-We are located between Prince and Roger on Mountain Ave.
-Our offices are in an older brick home, with blue trim, rather than a traditional office building
-Our large parking lot is behind (East of) our building and can be accessed via Duke Dr. (our driveway-sized
cross street).
If you get lost or need to reschedule an appointment, please give us a call: (520)322-9155

Where will Volunteer Training take place?
Our general Volunteer Training is held at Tu Nidito (3922 N. Mountain Ave., Tucson, AZ, 85719); however,
attendees must complete all pre-training requirements prior to attendance.
Continuing Education opportunities or specialized training for specific roles (select special events, etc.)
may take place elsewhere.

How often does Volunteer Training take place?
Our general Volunteer Training (required for most Direct Volunteers) is offered approximately 4-5 times each
year, as needed. Additional role-specific training may also be required, and is typically offered one on one, in
small cohorts or on the job.

Our current training typically takes place from 9am-5pm on select Saturdays, and asks volunteers to be
present for the full day and to invest additional time following the training with the provided materials.

I don’t know if I’ll pass a background check, should I still apply?
The emotional and physical safety of our families is our priority. Background checks are absolutely required for
all Volunteers who will have any contact with families. While our background checks are expansive, they focus
on any criminal history that may involve harm to vulnerable populations, or risk of danger to self or others.
While our background checks are expansive, they focus on any criminal history that may involve harm to vulnerable
populations, or any risk of danger to self or others. If you have additional questions, or would like information on our
appeal process, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

I’m not interested in volunteering right now, but I’d like to attend your Volunteer Training to
learn more. Is this possible?
Tu Nidito works to create a community of acceptance and understanding regarding children and grief in many
ways, including reserving a select number of spots for collaborators and/or community members to attend our
Volunteer Training to expand their ability to join us in this mission. However, space can be limited and
preference is given to attendees who intend to volunteer.
Those interested in attending as a group or as an agency, may be better served through our Community
Impact Programs, which offer grief education training for professionals. For more information about these
programs, please contact our Director of Community Impact amanda@tunidito.org  or (520)322-9155.

I’m a part of group that wants to help. Can we come and visit or give gifts to your families?
Tu Nidito is grateful for generous community groups that want to help and would be happy to offer a tour to
any interested group who wants to learn more about what we do, by appointment.
We also deeply value the long-term, ongoing relationships we currently have with groups like: National Charity
League, Altrusa International, Tucson Museum of Art Docents, Gabriel’s Angels, the Humane Society of
Southern Arizona’s Pet VIP and Comfort Dog Teams, and more.
To ensure any new relationships are strong and to honor the confidentiality of our families, as well as the
integrity of our model, we very rarely allow community groups to interact directly with our families, unless
they’ve received the same amount of training, screening and support asked of all Direct Volunteers or are
supervised in a less involved capacity (serving ice cream at a special event, for example). If you’d like to
explore the options for a long term relationship with Tu Nidito, please reach out.
If your group isn’t interested in or ready to commit to something ongoing, but would still like to help, there are
multiple ways for groups to support our families and we’d love to explore the possibilities with you. Check out
Our Volunteer Opportunities page for some ideas.
We happily accept donations, too, and we encourage donors to reach out to us before collecting or purchasing
items, in order to learn about our current needs. For more information on what’s needed, please contact Tu Nidito.

I want to complete my court-ordered community service at Tu Nidito. Do I need to fill out a
Volunteer Application?
We recommend that all prospective court-ordered community service volunteers call us first to discuss their
timeline, required hours and the instigating charge, to determine if Tu Nidito is a match for your needs.

For additional information, please contact Tu Nidito via email at info@tunidito.org or (520)322-9155.

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