Tu Nidito's Board

As a non-profit 501(c)3 agency, Tu Nidito is governed by a board of directors. This group of individuals has legal and ethical responsibilities to the agency, including providing mission-based leadership, advocacy and strategic governance.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Tu Nidito Board member encompass: 

  • Ensuring the agency meets legal requirements and ethical norms and operates within the by-laws.
  • Assuming ultimate responsibility for internal policies that govern the agency and supporting the mission, principles and functions.
  • Evaluating agency progress toward annual goals and strategic plan.
  • Attending board meetings, reviewing materials in advance and active participation.
  • Understanding the budget and taking an active part in the planning and fundraising; ensuring that financial resources are available to meet the programmatic and administrative obligations of the agency.
  • Considering Tu Nidito as a primary philanthropic priority and making a personally meaningful annual cash gift each year. 
  • Understanding and interpreting the work of the agency to the community; helping create awareness of the organization, its mission and activities.

Board members are elected at the annual meeting in September and may serve two terms of three years each.