Welcome 2017 Remarkable Moms!

March 20, 2017

We are thrilled to introduce our 2017 Remarkable Moms. This year’s Remarkable Celebration will be taking place Saturday, May 13, at the Westin La Paloma. Learn more about this important event, including ways you can honor our Remarkable Moms, on our website. We hope to see you there!

Dr. Mary Cochran

As a founding committee member for Tu Nidito, Dr. Mary Cochran is a mother to Tucson’s children and takes a personal interest in the lives of all of her patients. Her dedication to helping others is remarkable. As a teen, Dr. Cochran battled a serious illness that helped to shape her life and made her the dedicated professional that she is today, caring for some of Tucson’s most critically ill kids. She is responsible to bringing health and well-being to thousands of our community’s children for over 33 years. Her greatest joy is seeing each child grow and become their own person and describes family as a community of people bound together by love. Dr. Cochran, along with her husband, Robert, of 20 years truly makes Tucson a better place.

Lori Dallman

When Lori Dallman’s oldest son Josh was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at the age of 15, her world stopped. Lori shares, “life goes on even when you don’t think you can face it all, somehow you just do.” And that’s what she did, she made it her job to get their entire family through the treatment. Five years after the diagnosis and successful treatment of her son’s cancer, Lori was given the news that she had a very aggressive and rare form of breast cancer. Ten years later, she proudly shares that she is cancer free. As a mom, Lori is most proud of her boys, Josh and Joey and the wonderful men they have grown up to be. She is proud to celebrate her husband of 34 years and dedicates a majority of her time to giving back as a baby cuddler and stocking food pantries. “Motherhood teaches the meaning of unconditional love,” Lori says. “It is a constant and driving force of love and support in my life.” Lori truly is a Remarkable Mom.

Czarina Lopez

Czarina Lopez has dedicated her life to putting the needs of others before hers. She calls being a mom to her two daughters Iovanna and Illiana a privilege. Czarina is no stranger to grief. Her father died when she was a child and she has experienced the death of a brother and sister, but it was the diagnosis of a rare disease, Fabry, that resulted in frequent blood transfusions for 15 years and a failing heart and kidney where she showed her true remarkable self. In the summer of 2016, Czarina underwent a heart and kidney transplant. It was during this time that she never lost her true faith but instead continued to think of others. Today, Czarina is doing well. She is most proud of her children, grandchildren, and husband of 45 years, Humberto. He describes this Remarkable Mom as loving, compassionate, and caring; the true rock of the Lopez family.

Cris Cisco

Born in Globe, Arizona, Cris Cisco experienced the death of her father at the young age of 10. Through determination and hard work, she moved to Tucson, Arizona where she met her late husband, Lou. Through love and determination they built a life, with four beautiful children. After working a great career at the Grissom Talent Agency, Cris pursued her hidden dream of being a college graduate. She graduated from the University of Arizona and also has a degree from Northern Arizona University. She has worked as a school teacher and International Baccalaureate Coordinator ensuring that students ages 10-18 set inspired goals for higher education. In the summer of 2016, her beloved husband died after developing complications from heart surgery. Cris shares, “He was a great man who fueled my passion for family and education.” Family is the heart of Cris’ life. She is proud when her children and grandchildren surprise themselves by what they can do and accomplish. She is truly a champion of education and remarkable mom.

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan is a proud mom and a successful Vice President for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She has constantly dedicated her life to giving back to others. Her daughter Dana was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. It was a six-year illness and battle fought by the whole family. When Michelle herself was diagnosed with breast cancer during her daughter’s second relapse, she put Dana’s medical needs ahead of her own. When Dana died in 2015, Michelle and her husband, Scott, started Eat Dessert First Day, April 21st of each year, to honor Dana and raise funds for pediatric cancer research — because you never know what tomorrow holds. As a mom, Michelle is most proud of her daughter’s courage while fighting cancer and her son Sean’s courage during his sister’s medical journey. She shares, “the best part of being a mom occurs in the midst of seemingly ordinary days; simple yet sweet and joyful moments that remind me I’ve been blessed with two remarkable children.”

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